Latihan soal TOEFL listening: Skill 4-6 (with MP3)


Latihan soal TOEFL listening di bawah ini merupakan kumpulan soal untuk materi-materi sebelumnya:

Pastikan sudah menyimak skill di atas sebelum mengerjakan soal di bawah.

Soal 1
(A) In a department store
(B) In a stationery store
(C) At the post office
(D) At the airport

Soal 2
(A) The teacher gave the students a hand.
(B) The term papers were turned in.
(C) The students got the papers from the office.
(D) The teacher handed the papers to the students.

Soal 3
(A) The attendant checked the oil in Mark’s car.
(B) Mark checked to see if he had enough oil in his car.
(C) Mark checked with the service station attendant.
(D) Mark wrote a check to pay for the oil.

Soal 4
(A) A delivery man
(B) A famous chef
(C) A clerk in a fast-food restaurant
(D) An airline steward

Soal 5
(A) They need new print for the additional copies.
(B) They can make extra copies if necessary.
(C) Printers are needed for the additional copies.
(D) Additional copies are needed immediately.

Soal 6
(A) The professor bought two books.
(B) The students had to purchase two books.
(C) The students sold two books to the professor.
(D) The students were required to read two books by the professor.

Soal 7
(A) The doctor returned to the office.
(B) Jim asked the doctor to come to the office.
(C) The doctor will not return until next week.
(D) Jim was told to come back.

Soal 8
(A) Go to work in the lab
(B) Sample the work from the lab
(C) Have the samples delivered
(D) Send a note to the lab

Soal 9
(A) Mary became the new class president.
(B) Sue took her place as class president.
(C) In place of Mary, Sue became senior class president.
(D) The senior class president replaced Sue and Mary.

Soal 10
(A) The panel was analyzed on the television program.
(B) A committee evaluated recent political events.
(C) The program featured a psychoanalyst.
(D) The panel discussed the television program.

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