Latihan soal TOEFL listening: Skill 1-6 (with MP3)


Latihan soal TOEFL listening di bawah ini merupakan kumpulan soal untuk materi-materi sebelumnya:

Pastikan sudah menyimak skill di atas sebelum mengerjakan soal di bawah.

In this exercise, listen carefully to each short dialogue and question on the recording, and then choose the best answer to the question.

Soal 1
(A) He seemed to be rather hungry.
(B) She was quite angry at him.
(C) He was trying to hang the posters.
(D) She believes he was mad.

Soal 2

(A) The parents are going to stay up late.
(B) The parents have given Hannah her allowance.
(C) Lately, the parents have not been so loud.
(D) Hannah does not have to go to bed early.

Soal 3

(A) At a department store
(B) At a service station
(C) At a collection agency
(D) In a delivery room

Soal 4

(A) She just broke some eggs.
(B) They need to eat fast.
(C) She is serious about the boat.
(D) He has a choice to make.

Soal 5

(A) It was urgent that Ellen do her best.
(B) He really urged Ellen to do more.
(C) He was encouraged by Ellen to try harder.
(D) Ellen told him that she was trying to do better.

Soal 6

(A) The car stalled on the road.
(B) Someone took the car.
(C) Rob sold his car.
(D) Rob heard someone steal his car.

Soal 7

(A) Buying the bigger container
(B) Putting the milk in the cart
(C) Taking a carton that is smaller
(D) Getting the milk tomorrow instead

Soal 8

(A) The receptionist welcomed the businesspeople.
(B) The man created a shipping and receiving business.
(C) The businesspeople were rather greedy.
(D) The businesspeople greeted the receptionist.

Soal 9

(A) The police officer was stationed near the tourist.
(B) The tourist was forced to accompany the police officer.
(C) The tourist became mad at the police station.
(D) The tourist stated that the police officer never came.

Soal 10

(A) He hasn’t seen her ideas.
(B) It was a terrible deal.
(C) He doesn’t like the idea.
(D) It sounds magnificent to him.

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