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Idiomatic expressions for TOEFL ITP (Listening)

List idiom serta beberapa less-common expressions di bawah ini khusus untuk yang pernah muncul di soal ITP asli. Daftar ini akan terus kami update sesuai data yang masuk. Olehnya, silahkan tetap selalu cek website Edinmelb blog u/ terus ikuti perkembangan materi-materi kami. Jumlah soal yang sudah terkumpul: 7 paket soal.


  • sb: somebody
  • sth: something

Untuk mengecek langsung penggunaan Idiom di atas dalam kalimat, silahkan kunjungi lexico.com managed by Oxford University Press (OUP).

  1. to put a lot of time into something:  to work hard on something
  2. to slip one's mind: to forget to do sth
  3. to liven sth up: to make sth become more interesting and exciting
  4. in your shoes: to be in your situation/position
  5. to perfect the art (of sth): to be an expert at sth
  6. to have an ear for language/music: to be good at language/music
  7. Beats me.: I don’t know.
  8. to come a long way: to make a lot of progress
  9. To grow up on sth: to do sth a lot since childhood
  10. to pour (with rain): to rain heavily
  11. hard on sb: to criticize sb severely or to treat sb unfairly
  12. up to sb` ears in sth: to be very busy with sth
    Ex: Tomorrow, I`ll be up to my ears in work/school assignment/in studying for an exam. 
  13. to take a rain check (on sth): to need to decline (an invitation or offer)
    Note: digunakan untuk menolak ajakan secara sopan.
  14. to straighten out(a problem): to fix/solve (a problem)
  15. to get (sth) off the ground: to get (sth) started
  16. to give/lend sb a hand: to help sb
  17. to shake a disease: to get rid of/to recover from a disease (e.g., cold)
  18. to get along (with sb): to have a good relationship (with sb).
  19. to figure out: to understand 
  20. for the life of me: although I am trying very hard (however hard I try)
  21. out of shape: to be unfit (not physically healthy enough)
  22. to wear sb out: to make someone extremely tired
  23. on edge: nervous and not relaxed
  24. to account for: to explain the reason for 
    Ex: Can you account for your lateness? 
  25. to work on sth: to improve/repair sth, or to spend time repairing or improving sth
  26. to work sth out: to understand sth
  27. to stick with sth: to continue doing something 
  28. in over your head: involved in a difficult situation that you cannot get out of
    Ex: A part-time job could be useful during study, but make sure it is not in over your head.
  29. soaked: extremely wet
  30. to rave about sth: to praise something very much
  31. too good to be true: so good that probably not true
  32. awfully drowsy: extremely sleepy
  33. lay sb off: to stop employing someone, usually because there is no work for them to do 
  34. to stock up on sth: to by a large quantity of sth
  35. pushover: someone who is easily persuaded or influenced or defeated
    e.g., The new professor is no pushover. 
  36. refreshment: (small amounts of) food and drink
  37. make ends meet: earn enough money to live without getting into debt.
  38. Just a second/minute/moment: Please wait. [used to ask someone to wait for a short period of time]
  39. get/have sth over with: to do or finish an unpleasant but necessary piece of work
  40. a (huge) weight (has been lifted) off one's mind/shoulders: to be relieved of a burden, usually a worry or concern
  41. (utterly) devastated: extremely upset or sad
  42. to go over with sth: to study/examine sth in a detailed way
  43. on sale: reduced in price
  44. running (a little) behind: a bit late
  45. catch (sb) up: to reach someone in front of you by going faster than them
  46. to run for (a president): to compete as a (president) candidate in an election
  47. my kind of thing: sth you really like
  48. my cup of tea: something I like or excel in
  49. no kidding: used when you are surprised by what someone has just said 
  50. Two heads are better than one.: used to say that it is easier for two people who help each other to solve a problem than it is for one person to solve a problem alone
  51. to call it a day: to stop what you are doing because you do not want to do any more or think you have done enough
  52. To tell (you) the truth: I have to admit that
  53. keep my eyes open/skinned/peeled (for sth/sb): to watch carefully for sb or sth
  54. to follow sth/sb: to understand sth/sb
  55. It takes some getting used to.: It takes time to become familiar with someone or sth.
  56. to change: ganti baju
  57. to get a sense of achievement/accomplishment: to have a proud feeling of having done something difficult and worthwhile
  58. I have seen enough.: When someone uses that expression, they mean that they don‘t want any more excuses or to hear anything else from you or the person they are talking to. That is, they are sure of their belief and don`t want to change his statement. 
  59. Don't look at me!: A response indicating that one is either unwilling to perform a task, or that one is not guilty of something for which blame was implied.
  60. to pick up: to collect sth / sb
  61. had (`d) better: should
  62. overcast: cloudy
  63. the last thing (in the world) you want to do etc.: sth that you certainly do not want to do
  64. come up with sth: to suggest or think of an idea or plan
  65. do you good: to improve your life or health 
    e.g., I have three exams next week. Staying at home this whole week could do me good.
  66. to have/get time off: time when you are not at work or at school

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