Cohesive devices | Academic writing

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In block are formal words, which are more recommended for use.

Subordinate connectors
(+ noun)
Coordinate connectors
(SV. Adv, SV)
(SV; Adv, SV)
Additionin addition to, on top ofandalso, in addition, additionally, moreover, furthermore
Contrastalthough, even though, albeit, while, whereasnotwithstanding, despite, in spite of, regardless of,yet, buthowever, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, conversely, in contrast, on the contrary, notwithstanding
Resultsotherefore, hence, thus, consequently, as a result, as a consequence, accordingly, that is why
ReasonBecause, as, since, in that, inasmuch as,on account of, owing to, thanks to, due to, because of, as a result of,for

More cohesive devices:

  • Summarising: In conclusion, to summarise, in summary,
  • Being more specific (terkait dengan): in respect of, with respect to, in terms of, regarding, as to (=about), concerning,
  • Other formal preposition: excepting (=except for), in advance of (=before)

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